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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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abstinence manda 11/14/2009
i am a virgin but whenever i am asked if i am or not i seem to say no. i am not a pathelogical liar or anything but the pressure of bring a virgin is enormous. i c sex as something ppl should share wen they care about each other very much. and honestly i woud hav had sex a long time ago but i am mortified of getting pregnant. call me selfish but when i go 2 a store i want 2 look 4 myself not 4 baby diapers!!! does anybody else feel the same or is it just me ????
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You are amazing! I from Poland and i visit your blog twice a week. You have very inpnirisg clothes and style! You must be very interesting person :)xoxoMarlena
-- By: Roy

Be careful what you see. Man who warns of danger 11/6/2009
I would like to be a help of sorts. Many people in my age group are addicted to suggestive images and want to see the hard-core stuff. I want to warn you because I want to help those out there who might struggle with this issue. Well, I remember when I started looking at girls in skimpy bikinis, and soon I got addicted to it, then everything from there on when down the drain, I started viewing porn, at first I felt good but after a while I got to get a sickening feeling on the inside and the sensational images were not so sensational at all. I then heard that you have a record on what you do online, but that didnt stop me from looking at the pictures. But one day in Sabbath school class I learned that not only God, Satan, Angels, and Demons watch us but the whole universe watches us as well. I first attempted to stop viewing the pornographic images, but after a while I would go back to looking at them. After numerous attemps I finnaly asked God to help me to ressist the urge of viewin
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Good point. Actually, sensual images is a problem we all have as guys. Unfortunately, as male we have this unique problem. You're not alone. Sexual temptation is a problem that every guy has. It is very difficult to remain sexually pure because our popular culture is saturated with illicit sex and other sexual sins that it is drowning in it. We must ask our Heavenly Father to help us do his w
-- By: Axel

Dirty Head, dirty Hands. Savannah 8/14/2009
I know many people who have grown up with pornography and masturbation. i know the 'that can't happen to me' thought comes to mind, but i think: it can and for some people it has. Question: what happens now?
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we are human,and all those things are easy to get going,cuz we're weak.But praying to God,seriously,as Priscilla said,lots of sincere prayers and huge will,will help stop.
-- By: me

Dry Humping Anonymous 8/7/2009
I recently learned what dry humping meant and again was shocked by the way people have degraded the gift God has given them. I believe it is a sin, but i want to know if people who have done it can receive forgiveness, and is somebody that has done it but has not had intercourse still considered a virgin? Now last question. Right now i feel really dirty for knowing this kind of things, why? and what should i do?
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Thanks for responding, truly appreciate it. God bless you all
-- By: Anonymous

What should I do? Madison 7/18/2009
Okay, I'm in high school and I started to see this guy in college.All my friends basically went crazy and told me to leave him, but I didn't see what the big deal was. Then things went physical, and though we didn't do much, I felt awkward and bad that he knew more about everything than I did. He told me it was okay, but everytime we had conversations about sex, and things we'd like and stuff like that, I'd have to keep asking him to explain, and some of it did not sound fun. We weren't planing on doing anything, it was something we mentioned, but days after we talked I still felt weird and confused. This poor guy is not a pedifile and I don't want anything to happen to him; I still think were compatible and like all the same stuff, but this is my first relationship ever, and im soo confused!
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Vesna - OMG! even though I am 9 mnoths pregnant with my second baby and a happily married woman, I think I just fell in love with sarah!! What a beautiful girl!!! Amazing photos once again and hair and make up pure perfection!!
-- By: Wanchop

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