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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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im wondering. margie 7/22/2008
im wondering. if you do something and you know you were not supposed to do it. like i know im not suppose to lie and other things, but say i did it anyway. does God still forgive you? even when you delibratly disobey him.
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That kind of sin is called a presumptious sin.Yes, God forgives us but when we continue to do it over and over again the Holy Spirit will withdraw from us. We know that the Holy Spirit has withdrawn from us when we sin and our conscience doesn't bother us. So there is a limit, we just have to be sincere in asking for forgiveness and try not to do it anymore.
-- By: maurissa

n/a Valerie 11/15/2007
I really want to get closer with God, bu then i feel as though I am walking farther away from Him a bit....I remember saying how my New Year's revolution was to get closer to God...but now it seems like I am not connecting to Him as I want to. I want to get closer to Him, but I am like confused.I am just plainly confused.
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You know, it took me a long time to realize it but the closer you want to get to God the more sin is going to try and overcome your life. Don't ever forget God, because when you need him when the things that draw you away approaches, he is the only one who can save you, um, please understand that when it comes asking for God, and studying what is right and wrong in the Bible, will certainly bring you closer, you know the closer you get, the harder it is for satan to pull you away.
-- By: Faye

Tests Jo-ny 10/9/2007
A Pastor once said that GOd placed the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden to "test" Adam and Eve's loyalty. But I've heard that God doesn't test us because he knows us and what we're capable of(and there's the issue of free will also. I just want to know if he was wrong or right in making such a statement: and could someone back up their answer from the bible???
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I actually was learning about this is school, I'm sorry but I don't have any verses to give but if I find any I'll give them to you. In religion this question came up. And I wasn't very happy at the time I got it. My religion teacher said it wasn't a test, it was there because we had freedom of choice. Um, God put the tree there because he wasn't going to control us by keeping us from sin.
-- By: Faye

why me? holita mo 9/9/2007
please help me now i am going to commit suicide, please give me tips on god.
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i've been there before believe me i can kinda understand what you're going through... walking around each day with a bottle of pills deciding whether or not life is worth living, having the lowest self esteem one could imagine, feeling hopeless.. i've been there... and I survived... You can too- yes it hurts right now and things look pretty darn bad- but there will be a brighter day.
-- By: n/a

Scientific God Emma 7/14/2007
How can God be explained scientificly?
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i think the fact that the bible has been a strong scientific guide and health guide proves God all in all. the fact that the world was round before we knew it, and that meat isnt healthy for us ... the fact that this book has mentioned extra terrestrial life before we even thought of it, this all proves that we have a God that is an all knowing all seeing Saviour and in Him all truth is found
-- By: victoria

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