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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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help justin 2/12/2011
HERES the thing.Thers this girl i have known for my whole life..she lives right next door to me...i really like her a lot..but im afraid to tell her...we go the same church..and shes everthing that...specifically need in a afraid to tell her because i dont know if she likes me..and im afraid she will reject me....some times when im alone with her and i speak to her she gets red in the face...she always seems to be supportive of me as well..why does she do those soo confused...
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Are you close friends? Then just pull her aside sometime and tell her. If you're already good friends, she should accept that you like her, regardless of whether or not the feeling is mutual. (P.S. Not to get your hopes up, but that last part sounds like she may like you too.)
-- By: Allison94

A girl Guy 11/12/2010
There is a girl who I like. I believe she has liked me in the past but now likes this other guy. This guy dosn't really care for her but likes someone else! Only problem is, she is currently dating one of my friends. What should I do to have a better relationship with her?
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Dating relationships are some of the hardest things on the planet. I STRONGLY recommend finding and reading the book called I Kissed Dating Goodbye. The title may be kind of intimidating but if you read it, I think you'll see that it's worth listening to.
-- By: Samantha

help jaren 8/15/2010
So thers this girl i like,i told her i like her,but she just likes me as a friend,so i decide to forget ,it.She suddenly moving weird with me.When she comes in contact with me,she hardly ever wants to speak.i was the shy one before i told her i like her but now places are switched.Whenever she passes or comes close to me,she always brushes me with her body.SOMEtimes my eyes meet her eyes regulary ,i dont intend for it to happen.i dont want to live this way please help.
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I suggest you talk it out with her. But wait a little first and see if things continue this way cause it might just be coincidences.
-- By: Jackson

HELP JAO 7/20/2010
Im a shy boy.theres this girl i like.i told her i like her.she is my friend.she told me she LIKES ME AS A FRIEND,SO I FORGOT THE LIKE BUSINESS.BUT ALL OF A SUDDEN SHES MOVING SHY WITH ME,she doesnt wana even look into my face when shes talking to me,please help im confused.
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Well, she may just be a little uncomfortable around you knowing that you like her. If she does like she will give you the definite signs. But as for now it looks like she is just shy and probably doesn't want to lead you on.
-- By: Jackson

love crunchyblack 6/19/2010
i like this girl in my school but i dont know how to tell her what do i do?
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Talk to God first!Is it going to glorify God if you start a relationship? Is it going allow her to get closer God? Maybe it's time to just wait.
-- By: sweetthing

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