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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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someone.. dnny 2/27/2010
actually,i fell in love with someone..he is SDA but i always over-thinking about him and i can't focus on my studies..sometimes i forgot about what sould i do?
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You just simply control how much time you spend thinking about him. You can devote more time to God and make sure that when it is time for God, nothing distracts you from Him/spending time with Him.
-- By: Jackson

dating 2 lovehim! 1/28/2010
okay i posted a question before called "dating him" about my bf who i really love. I didn't lay all the cards on the table however. He is hindu...and my parents don't know about him. so since i don't see him to often we talk more on the computer. I really love him and don't want to ever leave him...but i won't to go to heaven. my own walk with God is struggling right I sinning?? and how can i improve my walk with God??
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I once dated a girl with HSV. She told me very soon. If she hadn't and something had deoelvped, I would have been angry; it is hard to anger me. It would not have been pretty.
-- By: Jason

dating him.... lovehim! 1/22/2010
I'm dating this guy...he isn't exactly a christian though. Although he isn't christian he acts like a christian in the way he talks/dresses/presents himself. he won't fight, he's sweet and nice, and i love him. He knows I am a christian but we don't talk about it much. He would never dare hurt anyone..he even loves his enemies. my question is, is it a bad thing I'm dating him? and can i get kept out of heaven for this and possibly being "unequally yoked"? thanks
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Be careful about leading him to Christ if he's only doing it because he loves you. Often "love" clouds what we see. If you guys are studying the Bible with someone and trying to learn about Christ, I think that would be better. Jesus loves both of you and He wants to save both of you. But, you cannot save your boyfriend, and he cannot save you.
-- By: Dwain

love or confused justin 12/12/2009
im suffering from love depression,this fair,dainty church superintendent girl walked up to me one sabbath after church and just give me along kiss on the cheek,im 19 and she's 22.the thing is i secretly like her,but the confusing path is i dont want to like her,im so shy and timid when im around her,yet when im around her its the happiest moment of my life.she is such a wonderful person,this struggle in me is destroying me ,please help!
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You are right for asking help because you shouldn't be like this. Pray to God and ask Him for guidance for this situation and strength. Then i think you should tell her that you like her, admire her, and see where it goes. Because if you keep it in you it will just eat you up and not benefit you, nor will it go away. Approach the problem and fix it... Hope i have helped! GOD BLESS! <3
-- By: K'dee Elsen

n/a What should be considered before marriage? 8/8/2009
My boyfriend and I have had more than enough confirmation from God that he means that the both of us should be together. However we are not sure as to when this event should take place. What should be considered before marrying?
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-- By: Yori

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