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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Immigration in general Donny 11/29/2009
I have a question. What is the church's official stance on immigration? Do you think there should be an easier way that good, honest,hard-working people to come here, bearing in mind that the Us is a nation of immigrants? What do you say to people who want to come here to seek better opportunities and a good way of life?
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I do think that there should be an easier way for immigrants to come to America to have a better quality of life. The issue they have is the disparities in race and culture. They don't want the majority of America to be comprised of immigrants and minorities. America is a very racist country, and I hate that it is like that. I believe that America is the land of the free, and anyone should be welcome.
-- By: n/a

Helping people Jackson 10/24/2009
Hello everyone. I am trying to look for some volunteer opportunities online. Somewhere(other than insight) where one can give advice to troubled teens. I would like to help teens who need some counseling but i don't know where to go. If anyone knows a site where I can help someone who needs help please tell me. And also any other place where I can volunteer(Not in office work but to help the under-priviledged ).

Hassles Troubled boy 10/20/2009
I'm very troubled. I'm an introvert and all I want is peace. I'm really tired of dealing with troubles. Of recent i feel I'm so tired and sick of all the troubles. I've been thinking, everything good is made to feel like nothing and I feel as if God doesn't want to help. And more and more te option of suicide seems better and better. I'm so tired of hassles. All i want in my heart is peace, is that so bad to ask for ?
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The Bible says that we must all go through tests and trials and we must overcome. God will not give us more than can bear, and He is there in our problems with us carrying us along even when it seems He is not there. Ever heard of that story 'One set of footprints in the Sand', the man dreamt that He and Jesus were walking on the beach and there were two sets of footprint in the sand.
-- By: n/a

Confused / Sad / Lost Jackson 8/1/2009
Hello insight. My name is jackson, I'm a christian and i feel lost. On Friday I began to feel lost , confused and sad. On this sabbath i feel depressed and i don't even care for life anymore. I feel my soul is lost and that God already has shown me the way to go, but my soul just feels as if it has given up and that sorrow has broken my spirit. I feel my face tightening up around my nose and my head aching when i pray. I think that some issues are manifesting phyisically. But i feel my spirit is broken.
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Jackson, hang in there. Know that Jesus loves you so much and He will never leave you alone. Look to Him. Tell Him how you feel and what you are going through. He will understand. Not-hing is too hard for Him.
-- By: Annie

Interracial Dating Donny 4/22/2009
I have a question. I'd like to know the church's official stance on the matter of interracial dating. If it's so wrong can you back it up with a verse of scripture from the Bible? Plus if God wants us to love everyone and He specifically said we all are one what is so wrong with it?
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God never looks on the outside appearance of a person.
-- By: brandobean

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