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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Happy Valentine's Day Thenameisjosh 2/6/2009
Hey everyone....I just wanted to say happy Valentine's Day to a girl named Courtney. I just hope she reads
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Yea I guess we were all asuming he was the Josh that wrote all those embarrasing things about the other girls he liked. Then he put this ones name I have been in the girl's positition and it is very hard on them. I guess we just were trying to save the girl from further embarrasment. In previous posts he said deep things he should be feeling at this age its not healthy.
-- By: Lea

Social Networking Sites april 7/31/2008
Do you think we as Christians can use social networking sites to promote Christianity?
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Yes, that's a great idea.
-- By: Jasmine

joining the muslims mauricio (morhede) 5/14/2008
ive always looked up to muslims for there strict code of worship and there strict code of life, i want to know if there is somethin wrong with being a muslim but instead of praying to ALLAH just pray to GOD and just substitute a few things.?????
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The muslin world, at least most of them, are still living in the middle age. They still treat women as inferior or as just objects. We see this in Portuguese classes to foreigners and diplomatic agents from muslim countries. Of course, some Christians are not the examples but we should follow Jesus respecting everybody. People have the right to believe that some stones are "their GOD",no problem, BUT they can't throw these stones on others.
-- By: isaias de moraes

Suicide Donny 4/18/2008
What happens to someone who commits suicide? Will they go to Hell?
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Back in school, I'm doing so much lenaring.
-- By: Attila

n/a Unknown 2/21/2008
Jesus healed and helped people on the Sabbath. I am a junior member at my local rescue squad. Is it ok to take rescue training classes once a month on Sabbath so I can be qualified to run calls and help people.
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I think it is Ok, only because you are doing God's work. And you never know maybe with you being in that class you can get them to change the date from Saturday to Sunday. Through your efforts change can happen. And if you continue to have that mustard seed a faith everything can be accomplished through God's will! Stay blessed!
-- By: Angel

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