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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Suicide/Depression n/a 12/7/2007
It's so sad a lot of young people/teens are thinking about suicide or have committed suicide. Sometimes I wounder why does life have to be soo difficult and scary. I used to think about suicide too but I now see life as a precious gift from God. But what does one do when one is depressed etc.
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u can never really understand depression or suicidal thoughts unless you been there. When ur that low, sumtimes it does no good to count ur blessings or pray. @ least it dsn't make u feel any bettr. But that dsn't mean u shudn't pray still. I was once there. I was so low I wud plan my suicide only 2 chickn out. But I kept praying and Pple prayed 4 me 2.
-- By: Karry

Anti-Adventist/Christian Lyre 10/19/2007
Hi! Just a few moments ago, while doing research for my talk for our Youth Group tomorrow on Sabbath School, I came across upon online materials which are criticizing Seventh-Day Adventism and Ellen G. White. I moved to think again about my convictions (some of what they posted there almost convinced me!), but of course, I understand they're just there to test how strong my beliefs are. Can anyone suggest tips on how to deal with Anti-Adventist/Christian matter?
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I agree with these responses. And Lyre, I know what youíre talking about; Iíve read things that have made me question what I believe too. Sometimes these things can mess with a personís faith. But sometimes we can engage in healthful questioning, in that it is good to think about our convictions--to actually know what we believe and why. We need to test all things by the Word of God.
-- By: Tom

the earth Elrene 9/7/2007
I saw a sign that read The Earth was not created for us. We were created for the Earth. Do you agree witth this.
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Yes. The earth was created before we were. We were placed on the earth to take care of our environment as well as the animals. Because we are the only intelligent beings on earth, it is our responsibility.
-- By: Champagne

my brother cherriese t. 8/25/2007
i am so tired of my 20 year old brother sneaking into my room and stealing stuff and knocking down my things! My mom is to scared to do anything even though she wont admit it herself. He hits me all the time and pushes me around. One time i called the cops and they told me to call back if you does it again. . My parents wont do anything. It's like they let him take over the house. What should I do? :(
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I was sitting wondering what i could tell you all i can say is to pray about it and if he keeps hurting you tell the cops. I believe God loves us and wants us to be safe, I will pray for you.
-- By: dishuna

??? d____ 7/2/2007
i have an issue a big ane i like a guy its been a year already that i like him and i know he's not worth it my friends think iam crazy because he used to be mean to me i need help please i dont want to like him or any thing please help me
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I am also as confused as you are. I've been trusting God all the way and the more I lean on him the less I concentrate on these "feelings"
-- By: BlueSalad

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