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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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God using you (Jan 10) staff 1/8/2015
Do you sometimes feel that God can’t use you because of something that’s “wrong” with you?
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I have heard many people talk about been used by God, Ellen Whites writings inspires me. I also want to be used by God. I have come to understand that God uses us when we give Him the permission to. Sometimes I feel am too inferior to be used by Him and those times I remember that He said I should come just as I am. I hold some positions in cornerstone and Youth department and I do everything with my whole heart.
-- By: Julia

Family (Jan 3) staff 12/31/2014
What’s your perception of family relationships? Are they important to you? What can you do to make them stronger and better?
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I think to make any relationship better, you have to learn to become selfless. That is difficult for us as humans to do because we are innately self-centered, but without it there come many problems in the relationship.
-- By: Amanda

New year (Dec 27) staff 12/23/2014
What are you doing to prepare for the new year? Do you need to change your plans to include God?

Misjudging (Dec. 20) staff 12/18/2014
Have you ever misjudged someone because of how they looked and then were later proved wrong? What did you learn about yourself, and how did it change the way you now interact with people?
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Yes, one of the easiest ways to judge an Adventist is if they wear jewelry. We think it shows their heart is evil. I was surprised to find some Bible verses that show the opposite at GodLovesJewelry .com and I'm glad God looks on the heart and not the outward appearance.
-- By: Amy

Know Jesus? staff 12/11/2014
Do you know a lot about Jesus? Or do you really know Jesus? What is the difference? What missions has He sent you on lately?

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