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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Your Own Thing (Jan. 20) Staff 1/18/2007
When was the last time you did your own thing instead of the thing that God asked of you?
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Sometimes I feel like I'm the strong one and that I can do it best - since I know what's best. Luckily, God gives me a newsflash and I remember that He's in control. I felt I could handle the leadership of an outreach program on my own. But, turn's out, I needed the help of God. I had forgotten I was doing it for His glory in the first place and that it wasn't going to fly without His guidance.
-- By: Molly

Trust God? (January 13) Staff 1/11/2007
Adam and Eve's choice to eat the forbidden fruit cost Christ His life. Two thousand years later, does what Adam and Eve did inspire you to trust God orto choose your own way?
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The story of Adam and Eve really inspires me to get closer and closer to God every day of my life. We all realized that disobeying God's laws only leads to sin crounching near and near to our doors.So my advise to us christians and none christians is be obedient and by the grace of God every will be ok
-- By: Anieka Ball

Destroy Satan? (January 6) Staff 1/4/2007
Why didn't God just destroy Satan when he tried to take over heaven? Why even let him come down to earth?
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Pleasing you should think of sohnemitg like that
-- By: Chartric

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