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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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n/a Cara 6/28/2010
One of my best friends recently told me that she was gay. I knew it was a big secret for her to tell me and trust me with, so I just tried to let her know that I still loved her and was there for her as a friend. However, I realized that I had to let her know that I thought the direction she is taking is wrong, so I told her. However, it didn't change anything. She's still one of my best friends, and I'm having a very hard time dealing with it because I'm not sure how to be there for her but not support what she's doing and choosing for her life. How can I be both a good friend and a demonstrator of my beliefs and morals?
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Continue being her friend. Be there for her but don't agree with what happens in the bedroom or what might happen.
-- By: Jackson

n/a rosita 6/16/2010
am a pastor daughter and my dad pastors many churchs and I have problems in one of the churches In my sabath school class there are three girls that are mean to me like sometimes there is a question and they copy me and they always get points cause the are faster writers then I am !HELP!
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Just do what you think is right. Like Jackson says, stay close to God. Don't show that you care about them copying you and etc. The they won't see the joy in your suffering. They want popularity, not spirituality. You can be their answer to many prayers that they become better young women. God has a plan for you and for them.
-- By: Michelle

new skool savannah 11/14/2009
i have resently moved 2 a new skool and the ppl are VERY stand-off-ish. i want the years that i am going to be here to go smooth and i am slowly getting friends but not as much as i used 2 hav. this seems so desperate but ..... what can i do 2..get more friends i guess??
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I moved to the US a few months ago and was worried that it would be hard to make friends in a totally different place. My advice: pray. If you have faith in God and pray about it, He will definitely work things out for you in time. Trust me, prayer does work.
-- By: Alisha

Hang out (June20) Staff 6/15/2009
Where do you hang out and not feel prejudice? At church? school?
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for me, everywhere. no one really i know is prejudice at all, or at least i dont notice it.
-- By: Savannah

Re: Older Friends Bella 5/24/2009
I am a very mature 17yr old and I find it hard to relate to some people my age. I prefer spending time with God and older friends who are 18-19. I am trying to find balance between feeling bored out of my mind with people my age. And getting in friendships with older people who will negatively influence me.
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Bella you are not the only mature 17 year old out there! And no ofence but you seem to be kinda harsh on your friends your age!!! Give them a chance we all have common ground just try to relate to them! But I see no harm in be friends with kids older than you I have many older friends. However it seems these older friends of your are perhaps not more mature if they have a negitive influece!
-- By: n/a

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