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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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n/a Katie Weldon 8/15/2008
My friend is having trouble with his parents. They're divorced and his step-mom hates him. He won't ever talk to anyone about it and when he does it's usually to me and I don't know what to say to him because my parents are married and I haven't ever experienced anything like that. What should I say to him?
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it`s easierly to take someone that you love inside the church,cause you have the same beliefs and maybe,you`ve known eachother for years,for instance if you take someone outside who believes in going to church on a sunday, there is going to be problems,cause we are used on friday sunset to sabbath sunset,all of a sudden he/she must ajust,what about the 28 sda fundamentals we believe,my advise stay rather inside the church where it`s safe.
-- By: anonymous

n/a n/a 1/18/2008
I'm falling in love with my best friend. and I think she likes me to. She's a girl and I am to. Is it really wrong.
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Paul was in a position where he had to go to God for help with his challenge. The same is true of all our challenges, including issues of homosexuality. We have to take our stuff to God. God is the final word on it--not how we feel or what science says. God will not change His Word because we feel a certain way. Check out what Isaiah 40:8 and Matt 5:18 say about God's Words.
-- By: Dwain

guy friend issues Jodie 1/12/2008
So there's this guy I've known for just coming on a year. He's nice, really sweet and all the good stuff I like. Well I think we both know that at least at some point in time one of us liked the other. It was like an instant attraction thing when we first met. But right now I would just like to become friends and figure out if we even have that much in common. How do I do that? We're both kinda shy and I even when we're in the same place it's scary to talk.
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Yea first tell home how you feel. And make you talk to him in public places first. I am not sure how close or far the "instant attraction" was. Yea thats is what I think of it
-- By: Phil

Olivias' Parents Chalene Simpson 1/11/2008
My best friend has started going to the SDA chruch with me but her parents are Catholic. they really dont like the idea of her joining our church but she does not like the Catholic church at all -- she does not beleive their ways but she beleives ours....she wants to tell her mom that --- but she is REALLY scared... can you give me any versus to give to her or ANY ADVICE AT ALL???? thanks chae
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It may be God's spirit who leads her to the decision to become an Adventist. Pray with her and study with her, and help encourage her to trust God that He will give her the strength she needs to overcome her fear, and who knows He may lead her to witness to her parents in the long run. IT's never easy doing what God wants, but sometimes if we remember that God is in control He will get us thru, and He has promised to give us the words to say.
-- By: Ms Kyra

What to do? BlueSalad 12/19/2007
Our church has a Pathfinder group. It used to have a good mix of both boys and girls but now after our last boy dropped out it is an all girl club thing. I don't feel like Pathfinders is supposed to be a one gender thing! Is there some way my friends and I could get some boys to join?
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Nope, we don't have a drum corp but, we are thinking about starting one. Thanks for your comments!
-- By: BlueSalad

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