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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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where should i go? Alessandra 4/25/2008
i've been raised in a public school scene (public elementary, middle, school, and halfway thru high school). Just recently, I've been taking a homeschooling program and it's been going great, but pretty dull. I feel I'm missing out of my teen life, and i'm 15...never had ANY fun and innocent experience. should i stay at this school for academic reasons, or go to a public high school? Any replies?
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have you considered ACADEMY!?!? i went through a similar experience. publice elementary, and middle school. But now I go to an sda school. and I LOVE IT!! If you're looking for good academics and fun innocent experiences, academy is the way to go. it's a smaller school so there are many more trips and activities. and it's a fun family like environment.
-- By: muah <3

Stay HomeSchooled???????? BlueSalad 2/28/2008
I am in 9th grade and homeschooled. I am not sure if I should stay homeschooled for another school year. I feel as if I am going ok but, I don't feel as if I am so strong in math and other subjects. I woudn't want to sacrifice my education. But, I am really involved in church activites so I am not sure if going to public school will change all that? Help?!?
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We homeschool Kevin, and we are trtsniaioning to a new style over this next year. TJED -Thomas Jefferson Education is really rigorous for older children, and for the parents but the results look really promising. My wife is the primary for most of this, and it is changing a lot of what our day to day lifestyle is. I think the biggest advantage to any homeschooling is getting the chance to do more than just run a school at home; its really the chance to tailor learning directly to your child.
-- By: Tiago

NO TIME!!! Vladhy 1/19/2008
well...i'm in the 8 th grade at school and i must learn and study a lot...and i dont know how can i do the other studiing for the Adventist Contest...and i want to go but the contest is on the days when i have my exam..I need to past them because i need them for my highschool
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well you should always know God comes first right. so when it comes to exams, choose God and you won't regret it.
-- By: Philip Amo

boys in school H93 9/15/2007
Ok i'm a freshman this year and there's this guy that i like but he's a junior and he says that he likes me back and i feel that God hasn't been pullin me away cuz i've asked Him too if that's what He feels He should do. So is it wrong to go out with him if he does ask?
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AHH MAn Freshman....(sigh) I remember my freshman year...okay Nothing is wrong with liking the boy but since its your first year...then I think that you should sit back and watch and see what High School is really about. It will get you ready for the upcoming years. Okay and for the boy...ummm He's leaving the ext year anyways so umm im not to sure about that.
-- By: Candacee

Colleges Danae 8/29/2007
Is anyone going to go to CUC?
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