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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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only Adventist in a group special 7/19/2007
Hi, Have you ever had a group which had no other adventist but you? Well I am and it is soo hard! there are some who respects me for who I am in de group and there are others who jus don't care what they say or do. the funny thing though is that I feel that if I leave them, then I will not be able to help make a difference in their lives, Am I wrong r should I jus get out?
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i am the only adventist in my group and it is not easy there are other adventists who i see around me faltering and they dont care. if u dont stand up for something u will fall for anything. invite them to church sometimes, and another know what u r about.
-- By: Sasha

kinda..rebel.. A> 4/21/2007
at school i like to wright on desks,joke around with friends and stuff like that..but do u think that being a lil rebel is bad?
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jus make sure u dont end up hurting any 1
-- By: n/a

PROCRASTINATION ! Rosibell 7/24/2006
I have been stuggling for years with procrastination and lack of dedication when it come to school , and i was woundering if the bible gives any tips or talk about this subject , that alot of teens deal with in there everyday lives.
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well at the moment i'm out of school, and i have struggled with procrastination to no avail. However I recently realized that doing little things FOR God is a way to worship him (chores etc.). It helps alot! At the moment i have no way to experiment with this in terms of schoolwork, but I would suggest it highly. If we were just to remember that we were created to please GOD, not him to please US.
-- By: Jozeene

headaches besitos 4/29/2006
I'm am about to be a sophmore in College this fall and the past year has been very stressful. I attend school full time in the morning and then go to work part time in the evenings. Then, when I come home from work I engage in books, assignment, and what not. There are days where I think I can't go on like this. Can some one direct me in scriptures to encourage myself to avoid catering.
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I don't really know any scriptures to help you off of the top of my head, but I do know that God will NEVER put more on you that you can bear! I can't say that I know how you feel, because I'm about to be a freshman in high school, so our curcumstances are not really the same, but if you haven't done so already, you can look in a concordance or talk to a youth pastor at your church or professor! I
-- By: n/a

ughhhhhhhhhh! nelly 3/14/2006
guyz do u ever get so mat at the fact that all the people in school are calling themselves christians but the words that come out of their mouth prove them wrong? i have a friend who claims seventh day adventism but she listens only to rap, hip hop, rnb, etc. and it gets me soo mad when i see her this way.what can i do? what can i say? i need god's divine intervention in this situation, but until it comes, you guyz can help!
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Ok there's kind of a problem right there there's A type of hip-hop that SDAs listen to and there are some that we just take for fun and stuff but what we do not know is is that Satan is always watching. My answer top you is pray for that person with faith and you'll see what happens.
-- By: Fred

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