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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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n/a n/a 10/18/2014
Please pray for my progress in school, I am having some difficulties with my concentration in my classes, particularly math.

Hopeless... Grace 12/28/2012
Ever since a few years ago I have been having worries and internal struggles that take over my life. I try to think positive but i just can't... I feel like a failure in everything. I try to distract myself but it's always there. God is always there but sometimes I don't Him. I have anxiety and i'm nervous and worried about the smallest things. That has lowered my confidence and self esteem. Because of that I can't do anything. I am shut myself from others. I feel lonely because no one understands. I don't know how it's has started. I was never like this. Please pray that God changes me so I can overcome all my worries and problems. I want internalpeace and a happy life that's better connected with God and the people around me.
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Dear Grace, I might not completely understand what you are going through Grace, but even I feel down and discouraged sometimes and feel hopeless. But it's really the devil trying to mislead us into thinking their is nothing for us in this world and distracts us from god. The best thing is to never give up and long for Jesus' second coming where their is no more pain, no more struggle, and everlasting joy.
-- By: n/a

n/a vee 12/10/2012
i've been trying since saturday to submit my prayer request and it's not going through, so i've decided to put it here. soryy if you were looking for a discusiion, but i really need urgent prayer. so please please pray for me, I failed one of my exams and thus will not be able to graduate. My parents have encouraged me to contest the marks before graduation (as my dad thinks it’s a mistake that would have been reviewed and corrected had I been a white student). I'm not so sure though, even though this subject is one of my easier subjects and not one of the courses that I was worried about failing, there is still the possibility that I failed. Because I've gone over my paper and there is a possibility that I failed, if someone marked extremely strictly. Basically I’m praying that when I go on Monday to contest my marks that fairness prevails. 1) That I am allowed to see my paper and possibly have it remarked and if I deserve a better mark I get t
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This is both street smart and inetlliegnt.
-- By: Stormy

Thank You LongingforGod 11/23/2012
I just want to simply say thanks to Tom and the other Insight staff who prayed for me in my process of overcoming my porn addiction. I do not look at it as often as I used to, but I still watch sometimes. Please continue to pray so that I can fully overcome my addiction and better serve God!
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I'll be praying for you too.
-- By: Mandy

My Personal Struggles LongingforGod 9/15/2012
Happy Sabbath everyone! I would like to make a prayer request regarding my personal struggles. I am a Seventh-Day Adventist and have been since birth. Ever since I was 12, I have been told not to date until I am ready for marriage by people in church and websites such as this one. In the mean time, my friends in school began to date and I had to turn down girls. My friends have called me gay and other inappropriate names I should not say. One day, weeks later, I accidentally stumbled upon pornography in a link that a friend sent me and I acted on it. I have been addicted ever since. That was 4 years ago. Now I am 16 and I am noticing that I only have one friend that is a girl, but she's been my best friend in church ever since I was 8. When I try to talk to girls just to be friends, they either think I am creepy, too nice, or mean. I can't speak for the first two, but for when they call me mean, that comes from me standing up for myself when people bully me. I am not going
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I am so happy that we could be used by God to help you. You are still in our prayers. Keep in touch.
-- By: Tom (asst. editor, Insight)

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