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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Prayer Laura 6/22/2010
Please pray for my friend's little brother who has leukemia. He is only eight years old. Pray for him and his family through this hard time.
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I'll be praying for your brother and your family
-- By: Shin

n/a Sherelle 10/10/2009
I'm 22 years old and I was in an accident where i was hit by a car. The only thing that is wrong is that my knee is fractured and i have to use crutches, i might have to go through major surgery to correct the problem. My grades are slipping and sometimes i find myself being very deppressed and thinking sometimes everyone's life would be better if i wasn't here. I'm a college student and my plans are not going the way i hoped...i need prayer and hope. God is the way but sometimes i feel so far awy so lost and alone.
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Kim, It was WONDERFUL to see you at the Students for Life of Illinois banquet! You and the Women's Care Clinic are doing aainmzg work, and I am honored to labor side-by-side with you in the Lord's harvest field!Your Brother in Christ,David Bereit
-- By: Puja

Help The Bug 8/21/2009
i need prayers to become more closer drawn to God. my ultimate problem is music. i would always like to have a worship song in my head and secular music always pops up. i also need prayers that i can accomplish something i am pursuing and that everywhere i go and everything i do can be a witness and blessing to myself and others
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The most effective prayer can be you coming to God with your Heart open to Him and talking to Him as if He is a deeply trusted friend. And when you pray you pray for your heart to more drawn to Him. Music should not be a problem. If the music you listen to is bad and it takes you away from God then leave it alone. For your pursuit, keep praying and more importantly depend on christ alone not on your strength or knowledge.
-- By: Jackson

ultimate goal Scholar 8/4/2009
i recently finished something i spent two years planning for: i wrote a novel. but my ultimate goal, even before i wrote that novel was to turn the story into a feature film. the problem is, i can see the scenes in my head, but i have no experience in the movie business. but i can't shake this dream away, and i feel confident about it. i ask that you please pray that once this story of mine is published, the right person of the right influence sees some serious movie potential in it. i am willing to wait on God for however long it takes, but i will not give up on this goal. please pray for me, for my patience and my faith that this will all come true.
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Scholar, congratulations on writing a novel. That's quite a big accomplishment. My prayer is that God's will will be done in your life, and in this project. Live Proverbs 3:5-6 and Matthew 6:33, while you wait for God's leading. God bless you!
-- By: Dwain

need prayer kim 8/1/2009
hi i'm kim and life has been very rough 4 me and i really need someone to pray 4 me that i will continue on the narrow road and that my family and friends will be saved when God comes.
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wow, what a deep request, Kim. Please know that God wants to save you and your family more than you ever could. As Vnes, said, I pray that God's Spirit brings you peace. Take courage in 2 Corinthians 4:17. God bless you
-- By: Dwain

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