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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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n/a all i want is to be happy 7/22/2009
okay it seems like my messages were deleted i dont know why? but my questions are vital to me please may people pray for me and possibly give me advice on how to create a relationship with God because i would really love one and need one i want to get baptised but i just dont feel like im right or ready i cant really explain it all i can say is i pray, read bible texts and there still feels like there is no connection no matter how hard i try, all i want is to be happy and apparently having a connection with God brings that so thats what i need.
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I believe a person will know when they are connected with God. It isn't really a feeling per se, but you know when he's your lifeline, the thing you cling on and not dare let go. Try doing more than reading your Bible and praying. Try a ministry, like feeding the poor, visiting a elderly person in a nursing home or a people jail. God said that whatever you do to the least you do to Him.
-- By: Zylar

I wanna kill myself!!! Sherice 11/15/2008
Life has gotten so stressful for me recently. I been continuously self harming because i get so angry and i have nobody to talk to. I know we should talk to God but loads of the time its like he's not there, like i might aswell be talking to a brick wall. And when i feel i truly believe He will help me, it just doesnt get better. Please help me and pray for me.
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it is obvious that whenever someone decides to follow Jesus the devil becomes angrier that there is one less person to suffer with him. i know what it is like to be stressed, malnourished, hair falling out, short temper and i have been suicidal since i was like about 6. i have tried to kill myself numerous times and God has a plan for me cause i am still here.
-- By: The Bug

a friend mmm 10/3/2008
a friend of mine is going through a really hard time. She goes to a SDA school, but some of the guys there aren't being very respectful, and they don't understand that she doesn't date. It's her first year in hightschool, and so far it hasn't been that great. please pray for her! thank you. =]
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Super extcied to see more of this kind of stuff online.
-- By: Mattingly

Pray for Lance Anna 9/20/2008
There is a little boy, he is a third grader. He is suffering from bone cancer.His family lives in the same area as me,and they have left to go to St. Jude's Hospital. They need all of the support that can be given. The local schools are having a Walk for Lance, where we collect pledges and walk for one hour around the track. The money will go to the family to help them survive and help the little boy. All I ask if you would not mind praying for the little boy and his family, and possibly for your walk to help and touch their hearts, and do good. Thank you.
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wow. poor lance. i love kids and when i see or hear about a kid who its suffering it breaks my heart. i will be praying or him. I am SURE God will help. and things will work out according to Gods will
-- By: joana

n/a n/a 4/25/2008
Please pray for me for my upcoming European AP Exams (May 9, 2008) and Regents Exams(June 2008). I want to have longer lasting and stronger relationships with God, my family, friends, and the closest boy who is my friend.Last but not least please pray for my uncle who is going through a rough time. Thank You.

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