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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Sermonette Pray for Me! BlueSalad 4/21/2008
I am doing a sermonette for our Youth Sabbath it's about God compared to a lion. Please pray for me
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lol i will, but don't get too nervous, try to have fun with that.
-- By: ron

n/a n/a 10/5/2007
Please pray for me and my best friend. I am going through some serious problems and need to make some difficult and important decissons my best friend also has problems and she is talking to me about them I don't mind listening but it is difficult to give her advice etc when I am trying to figuure my life out to.
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well.....i will pray for you...but listen: God is our Father and you must trust Him. I didn't say that you don't trust God but in our life are some moments and in that moments we don't trust God...Yes, i will pray for you...;) :D
-- By: Ema

Plz pray for me Child of god 9/28/2007
Plz pray for me.I am a very very heavy wine drinker.I am doing this because of tension; like no job,lots of bills to give people,about house rent etc.Please pray for me.My age is 24.
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I will pray that God will give you the strenth to como closer to him and that way he will give you the peace to you need and strenth to overcome your drinking problem. Have a blessed day!
-- By: ale

Getting in College Lannie 9/1/2007
Please pray for me, because i am sort of worrying because i have got into college but the money is a lot to pay and im really fretting because i need to pay the fees to secure my spot. Please pray for me so that my spot will be secured thank you alot, praying is a really a strong force so please pray for me.
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-- By: Champagne

CXC grateful 5/12/2007
If any of you live in the Caribbean you know wat cxc's are and for those of you who dont... they are the exams that give you the certificates you need to get into college.I have cxc's in less than 2wks and i REALLy wud like ya'll to pray that i do well. Thank ya'll so much.
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Deep thought! Thanks for coiruibttnng.
-- By: Geraldine

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