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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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2 creation stories?! Wondering 4/18/2014
At school we have been told there are two creation stories whuch i disagree with. They define this by genesis 1 and 2 because if the order of creation (animals then humans and in genesis 2 humans then animals) could someone explain this and give me some clarity
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One thing we have to remember is that in many parts of the Bible the events are not recorded in the same way that we in America would write down events. How we would write a story is that we would start at the beginning, and work our way chronologically to the end. How some stories in the bible were recorded is the writer(in this case Moses) would present an event, and then explain part of it in greater detail.
-- By: Jon jr.

The law?? Confused 4/18/2014
What is meant by no longer being under the law? What was the law before and how does it differ from the 10 commandments? Happy Sabbath btw :)

Old vs. New Bella 4/27/2013
Why does God seem different in the Old Testament?
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In my opinion god has never changed we have Changed god to fit Our moral Reasoning as to Who God Should Be . thats why we Would accept a more loving god over a more Wrathful God more seen in the Old testament But In Order to truly follow God you must accept . God in his entirty .
-- By: Jason James

Where Magi from (Feb. 2) staff 1/31/2013
Where do you think the Magi were From? What does this tell you about the effects of the Word of God being spread?
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i think the magi were all from different places and they met along there way following the star their gifts for one suggests that they were indeed coming from different places.
-- By: confused

Heaven Mandy 10/13/2012
Hi all, I was wondering when we get to heaven, what will happen to my dog? My mom told me that animals will be in the new earth but not in heaven, so where will all the animals be while we're in heaven?
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What a joy to find such clear thnnikig. Thanks for posting!
-- By: Hetty

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