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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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prayer & fasting Krysty 6/25/2005
how do u feel about this? do you fast? does God hear prayers faster when the petitioner is hungry?
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heck yes i pray and fast i focus on the Lord more and seek him more and u just need personal God time!
-- By: unkown

Youth leaving the church Laura 5/18/2005
ok, why is it that so many youth are leaving the church?, and why as SDA's there soooooo many things that isn't allowed and so few that IS. what do u do when u feel as if ur being lied to about the religion, and when u find out the facts it contradicts EVRYTHING thought when younger?
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We must understand that Christianity is not so much a religion but a lifestyle.Man's greatest enemy is not the devil but ones self thats why we should crucify self in order to follow God.When the devil shows us the beauty and pleasures of the world we will be lead astray because of self(pride).NOTE the devil cannot make us sin its our choice
-- By: Andrew

Rebaptism Simone Murray 5/9/2005
When is rebaptism necessary?
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i am not sure at all about the rebaptism. their was one death and one ressurrection, the farther the son the holy SPIRIT is one. when we were baptised the first time GOD FORGAVE US OF OUR SINS SO I BELEIVE GOD'S WORD SO TO ME A PERSON MUST HAVE SOME DOUBT ABOUT WHAT GOD SAID HE WOULD DO WE WILL FOREVER BE SINNERS BUT WE ARE SAVED BY GRACE. DOUBTING GOD IS DANGEROUS.
-- By: deborah

What day did jesus die kendra 3/25/2005
Okay i don't know if anyone had thought about this but i am listen to this paster(this is not an adventist pastor) He is saying that jesus rose on saturday and and that he died on wednesday okay so please explain it to me okay
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Our Lord Jesus definitely died on a Friday as the Bible clearly states.
-- By: salote

church and being ordained someone with a question 6/3/2004
can or should women be ordained?
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I see lots of personal opinions, I haven't seen any biblical references supporting the ordination of females. One even mentions the "world church". What an oxy-moron.
-- By: TC

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