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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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History and the Bible Caroline 12/28/2010
I have been debating with some people on facebook about historical events coinciding with Biblical events. They say they don't match up. I am sure they do but I need specifics. Any suggestions?
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I wish I had specifics to give you as well. I know from going to school that our whole timeline is based on Christianity. Without the Bible we wouldnt know the year to be 2012 etc. There are other specifics from what Ive been reading, They are old though. There are old books that correlate with with things that happened in the Bible.
-- By: jes

n/a Lost and Confused 9/23/2010
God knows from the beginning til the end. He knows the future, so why did He created Lucifer/Satan or anybody that's going with him, even though he already knew what's going to happen? Before he created everything he already knew that He's going to die on the cross. So God already knows where we're all heading, heaven or hell, before a person is born... God knows the consequences so why didn't he avoid it? By avoiding it there will be truly no pain, crying, hurting etc. And innocent people wouldn't have to suffer or go to hell
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I agree with the person above. God made us free human beings. If we were all "pre-programmed" to love God, then that really wouldn't be true love.
-- By: n/a

televison shows hi1o1 7/10/2010
on t.v. is watching documenteries about animal attacks,war[war world 1&2] homicide cases,ect, true stuff that show people being killed, still against the bible command that u shall not kill a person?
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That is why many people say that being a Christian is difficult to answer your question I'll tell you: If! you violate this commandment watching such TV shows as it says not kill, this program and tune uere a person avoids these programs, even with video games kill. Greetings God bless you!
-- By: Alexis Gerdes

End Time Want to be ready! 6/30/2010
What should I be looking for in the world today to know that Jesus' coming is near? Please help me I want to be ready.
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I think a great answer to this question is all in Mark 13. Verses 3 through 8 is all about the natural disaster and rumors of war signs. Verses 9 through 13 talks about what would happen to those who stand up for Jesus during this time. The warning for Christians to go into hiding is described in verses 14 through 23. It all looks pretty rough and I know it will be really hard times, but my main focus is the rest of the chapter.
-- By: Tami

Water into wine? Alexandra Y. 4/7/2010
Hello, I know everyone is extremely busy, but I really hope someone can answer this question for me. Today at school, I was asked why I don't drink. The person questioning me was a Protestant, and had never heard of this personal belief before. I told him that we as Seventh-day Adventists believe that our bodies are the temples of the Lord, and we shouldn't do anything to dishonour that. But then he made this comment: "But didn't Jesus turn water into wine?" Also just now I looked up another text: 1 Timothy 5:23, and I don't understand...Is this saying that it is okay to drink wine, to help with sicknesses? So when is alcohol okay and when it is not? If it is not okay, then why are there scriptures like this supporting the use of alcohol? And why did Jesus turn water into wine? And what does that say about how Jesus felt about alcohol? I'm getting mixed messages here. Why do some religions support it, and not ours?
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Drinking wine isn't wrong; it's drunkeness that God is against. In 1 Corinthians 11, Paul wrote to the Corinthians about how their conduct in practicing the Lord's supper was inappropriate because they made themselves drunk with the wine. I believe it's not having a little bit that God has a problem with; it's becoming drunk and not being sober.
-- By: Allison94

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