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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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religion ac 5/25/2009
Did anyone hear about the pastor who was banned from having weekly bible studies at his home? A government employee came to his home and told him he needed special permits to have religious meetings at his house or else he will be charged fines for continuing the meetings!! The pastor has continued to have bible meetings in his home and he says that what the county is doing is a first amendment violation and he wants to file a lawsuit. I live in San Diego and while I don't really go to bible studies, my mom and my little sister go to friends houses to study God's word all the time. I feel worried that our religious freedom is being taken away, and I think that it might be hard for me to stay faithful to God during the final events and all the things that are going on in the world are really making me feel depressed. What can I do to have hope and to follow God's path?
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Wow. That's sad. The end time is near. Really scary.
-- By: camille

Did they? bible_curious 5/5/2009
I'm just you think that Adam and Eve had belly buttons? And if they did, why?
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U know, I honestly do not know. Probably.
-- By: Jasmine

Noah's Ark jeo 4/17/2009
What was God's intention for Noah to build the ark? Is it for mankind or for Noah & the animals? Well if the ark was intentionally built for the animals why did he waste time for preaching 120 years? And if the ark was built for mankind, how are the animal species are going to be preserved??
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Dear Phil,I didn't know about the book until today. And I am ordering it right away. I awylas think about Noah at this time of year. How wonderful that you completed it. I wish I could be at the launch party. I'm on my way out of the country for a few weeks, but I will blog about it and spread the word when I return. Eric's video made me cry and feel so much all over again.
-- By: Nilu

n/a Curiosity 6/7/2008
Well here is the deal, me and my boyfriend discussed a little about christianity and how it started well we got to the fact that god wanted us to follow him and read the the bible well my boyfriend had me a little puzzled when he said that christianity started from the jews? is that possible...plz help im searching for answers
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Yes, Christianity branched from the Jews not the Roman Catholic Church. The Jews were originally Gods people, it was not Gods intention to start a different group called christians but because the jews rejected christ they were no longer his people. We should not totally distance ourselves from the Jews because in fact Christians are spiritual jews.
-- By: Andrew

Church, Youth, the World Jaydin 5/9/2008
There is a major problem in our church today. People in my church and in some others that I've visited are becoming quite worldly. People are coming to church wearing earrings, cursing, and other bad things like that. Everyone is bickering and fighting over music and clothing. The essence and the message of church is being lost. I'm afraid that all the young people are going to leave the church and that our churches are going to die. Please pray for our churches and especially the young people. PLEASE!!!!
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I dont think it is a stretch to expect the church to hold themselves to a higher standard. Afterall that is what God is calling us to do! He doesnt want us to be just like the world, bickering, wearing whatever we want, listening to whatever music we want, he expects better of us. There is no striking a balance between God's principles and the world's principles.
-- By: Seraiah

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