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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Lying Lily 5/8/2010
How can I fix my character? I mean I know I am a liar, and I try to fix it, but sometimes when it is too hard to tell the truth, I spit out a lie and now my mother doesn't believe me anymore. What do I do?
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Definitely praying for you, my frnied. Sounds like a very similar road for us as well. We're 9-months into things, have enjoyed some amazing things, are hitting the growth wall right now, searching for who God wants us to be. May God transform you guys in the process of moving you where he wants you to be.
-- By: Phouangnain

Honoring your parents... LovingDaughter 3/27/2010
What does it really mean to honor your parents? Does it really mean doing what they tell you, with the exception that what they are telling you is wrong to do? It's always been just my mom, and I feel like I have to be grateful to her and honor her because she's done so much for me, but now I feel like I can't oppose her. I want to go into art when I go to college, but she wants me to do something what is it to honor your parent?
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Honoring your parents doesn't mean you lose your freewill. When you are obedient to your parents you are honoring them but when you want to do your own studies that is not disobedience. Do what you want to do.
-- By: Jackson

parents dnny 2/27/2010
hello,my parents seems like doesn't care about us anymore...they always think about business..and I started to hate them..what should i do?
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Don't hate them. Try your best on your part not to hate them. But pray to God and tell Him just what you told us.
-- By: Jackson

mother may 1/8/2010
my mom and i argue all the time about little stuf,she doesnt like my type of clothes or how ido things. what can i do
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I've benn in this kind of situation before but i understood later that this is her protect me...try to be'll see that your friendship with your mom is more important than everything...
-- By: anna

Punishment Shawnee 10/3/2009
Okay, my name is Shawnee and i am 16 years old. On my birthday 9/26 i went to church, and my sister and brother took me out for ice cream later on at night. Then when i came home, my mother was telling them how i didn't clean my room, and how she is going to ground me from church for 2 weeks? i think that is an unfair punishment to ground me from church. she says that she has to do something that will hurt me, cause i care about church alot. what do you guys think?
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yea dats a tough situation to be in. .i agree with the other suggestions. . first you have to pray nd ask God to help you becuz you cant solve the problem on your own. . nd wen she grounds you or something try not to argue with her even if she yells at you just try to stay calm. .nd yea wen im not able to go to church sometimes i watch a sermon from homw or read the bible.
-- By: erick alvarez

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