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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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I need help I can't do it Can't take it anymore 8/21/2009
My mother is really really irritating. She does all kinds of things that don't make since and just makes me mad. I'm not allowed to sleep at my friends houses, i can't use my phone after 9, i can't go to school i have to be home schooled, my father pays for unlimited txting but she uses some parental allowances thing and limits it every month to an amount i reach in like the first week, she is always making us stay with her wherever she goes, for the past 2 years she has bought my sister about $300-$400 worth in birthday gifts and i have gotten nothing, i can go to the imax to watch transformers but not the theater, and the list goes on. I can kind of understand not going to the movies but not when you let me go to the imax to see the same thing. I'm to the point where my whole mood changes when i see her. I don't like her. I know she's my mother and all the stuff she has to put up with but i can't take it anymore. It's to the point where other paren
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I have a best friend whos mother is the same way but even worse.. her mom blocks her phone so she cant text or call anyone for certain hours of the day.. she cant be on the phone or out anywhere after 9, she cant spend the night ever. she cant even come over and do homework.. and even when she just at home and shes finished doing her chores and everything her mom wont just let her be texting she has to read books because texting "is a waste of time".
-- By: :D

WHY? The Bug 6/12/2009
why do parents still believe that children should be seen (sometimes not) and not heard? why is it that there are rules for one child and none for another? why is it that one parent says one thing and the other says the opposite? why is it that they always compare you to other children ('why can't you be like .....and.....?')? why is it that one cannot let a child have a say in their own life? why does everyone else have to tell me my parents love, why can't they tell me themselves (not when they have heard a pep talk about children, but all the time)? i am tearing up just asking please pray for me. there are alot of other questions i have, but i feel depressed talking about my 'parents', i am filled with hatred for one especially and i dont like it cause it makes me sick, literally. i need help
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I thought I'd have to read a book for a dircovesy like this!
-- By: Cain

lonely SuperGirl16 3/26/2009
k,so here's the deal; my parents homeschooled me and my two sisters since 1st grade.It was great for elementary school. We had awsome times and became an inseperable trio. But then highschool came and both my sisters were in college with a life(outside of me). My mom now teaches at three colleges and my dad works full time so alot of times it's just me at home alone. My parents don't really like me to be involved in stuff; they view it as an annoyance or a bother, so consiquentially I have no social life. This year (my Junior year) has been really hard. The last "friend" I had went to boarding school this year. I'm kinda ditched and alone and i have extreme depression issues(which i haven't told my parents about). I can't last another year. any suggestions?
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I work in child welfare, and I can tell you that there are many oaicscons when splitting up a family is the right thing to do. I've seen children come from situations of unfathomable neglect and blossom in the care of loving foster parents. The foster system is nothing like it's often depicted in films and on TV. People who desperately want to help children step in and give kids lives t
-- By: Sharon

Back-slidden dad Linda 8/22/2008
My dad was until last year a very dedicated christian (seventh day adventist). Since then he has backslidden. My mom and us kids are now subject to his lifestyle changes that are not conducive to Christian living. This is threatening to destroy our family! How do i cope in this situation?
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Linda, you're father, has made a change in his life and your opinion of this should not affect his happiness. The thought that people should not change their beliefs or not have the freedom to explore due to some force pseudoreligious cry for help is wrong and possibly selfish. I have to ask does your father provide for you, feed you, he has raised and clothes you and continues to do so.
-- By: Hawk

obeying lana 7/29/2008
hi i am just a normal teen that loves to chat on cell phones and my parents always find something wrong in it. when am bored thats what i do but now my parents took them away and every time i try to get it back they make excuses about it, should i just quit talking and deal with out it although i try to invite some of the people i talk to to church can you help me decided
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Hi Just ask yourself honestly if you were really using the phone to invite your friends to church. Think back at how much time you spent on the phone and also how many chores you missed because you had it. You can communicate through the internet but if you sped too much time on it you will lose that too. Be careful
-- By: FC

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