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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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n/a tired of arguing 10/18/2007
my mom and I constantly bicker at each other. It seems like we can never agree about anything, It is so bad that sometimes we say horrible things to eaach other. I cry alot when I am alone. I donot want to argue with her but sometimes I can not help it.
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listen, pray ,and respect. 1) listen to your mom find out what she wants to know sometimes your mom is just trying to connect with you but does not know how to she acts very demanding or talks harshly. 2) pray with your mom that he will help you guys in this problem and work in both of u 3) watch what u say find out what things tick your mom off and don't do them read in the bible what love is 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 and practice it.
-- By: Malla

Attention crystal from Tobago 2/3/2007
These days my parents are not spending time with me like they used to before.They are always in their room.leaving me all by myself.Can someone please shed some light on my situation
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I know hoow you feel ...I had the same problem at one point...maybe you should ask them if they would like to hang out..oor maybe you should plan something and make them have to do it ( something fun obviously) but all in all if they are not doing anything with you , then maybe you should get them to do stuff with you and if they dont then pray about it =]
-- By: Candacee

Adventism Homelife,relegion,etc 12/29/2006
My mother is a firm believing Adventist, but my father is not. My father and I are always having discussions about flaws in the Adventist relegion, and yes I do acknowledge that there are flaws, but the trouble is that what he is saying makes sense. My mom and the church are pulling me one way, and the way my father is pulling me is more logical. B4 i start helping let me give you insight into what he is saying. He believes that most relegions Catholic and Adventist especially get too wrapped up in the rituals and are not seeing the whole principal of relegion, which is loving one another, being kind, etc. not if you eat this, do this on saturday,or if you have been dunked under water in your early teens. I hope you see my delema and can help and don't gimme any of that follow your heart crap, (xcuse me) i want a strait forward answer, plz help!~Da Genius
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I can understand where you are coming from because my father is not Adventist either. But lets look at Adventist and Catholics beacuase respectfully I disagree with you. The Catholics do it to caght up in the rituals of religion. Bt are those from the bible. The bible does not tell us to pray to Mary but the Catholics do. But hey we are'nt Catholic we are Adventist.
-- By: Christy

Guy Cristina 7/8/2006
There's this guy I've liked for a while, let's call him John. I broke up with another guy cuz John asked me too. Me a John have been texting and flirting and everything. But all of a sudden it stopped. Now I find out he has a girlfriend. How can I stop liking him?
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frankly speaking there is nothing much that you can do...but as time goes by and someone better drops in you will forget him...this is a tough situation...bin thru it myself
-- By: clarissa

Jean clothes A.C. 2/3/2006
My dad just forbed me never to wear jean clothing to church again. Which of course my mom is opposite of it. Do u guyz think that wearing jean clothing to church is appropriate for Adventist?
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I'm Jamaican. I was raised on not wearing jeans to church. Now, I see that jeans are not really appropriate for church. Think of church as going on a date with God. Not to the movies, or some casual date. A real nice date. Would you dress up in jeans and a T-shirt with flip-flop and call it being dressed up? Definetly not. Bring your best to church.
-- By: Jaydin

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