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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Girlfriend wears jewelry Scott 9/15/2014
I am a senior and my girlfriend is a sophmore. Our academy does not allow jewelry, but she otherwise wears jewelry (even earrings) most of the time, even to church. When I talk to her about it she says I am being old-fashioned. My mom and sister don't wear jewelry nor do hers, but a some women do at our church. Am I worried that it is a sign she may leave the church someday. I am worrying too much?
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Well Scott, if you consider it important you could ask your gf to stop wearing jewlery. If she values the relationship she would consider it, but she might have some things she wants you to change too. Is it really that important? Does she pray and study the Bible? Does she respect the Sabbath? Does she refrain from drinking and swearing? If so she is a good girl and you should cherish her.
-- By: Ashley

Parental approval Sadia 1/26/2014
Hi, I'm 17 years of age and I've been dating my 22 year old boyfriend for a few months but have only just told my mum. My mum is very disapproving of the age gap between us. I understand why she may be worried about this age gap, however girls and guys mature at different stages in life and I feel like we're at the same, or a similar level of maturity right now. How do we gain the approval of my mum?
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Hi! Good question!! I think I might know what your mum maybe feeling. She might be wondering if he has the right intentions. Remember parents are very protective of their children it is one of the ways the show their love ! She just wants what is best for you!! I feel like the best way for your boyfriend to have your mum's approval is to PROVE himself to her!! I am sure you know that he cares
-- By: Songbird

n/a miss D 8/3/2013
hi.well i just broke up with my bf. it's not really my fault actually and i really don't wanna let him go.the day we broke up,i begged him not to go.i cried like a baby. and now i'm afraid he don't feel attracted to me anymore.what should i do? I must get him back.:'(
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Pray. You have not even an idea of how God has helped me after i prayed. There was this guy i liked soooooooo much i always thought of him and i mainly went to church just to see him. I prayed hard and asked god to help me get over him and i found out that this guy had a gf. This made my feelings for him gradually fade. I still see him evry Sabbath and have not even a single feelin for him.
-- By: mim

Love problems! dne 6/2/2013
hi.I'm 17 a high school student. i have been together wf my boy since i was 15. but now he wants to keep a distance from me cause we both have a very important examination on november.i understand he needs space.but what about me? what should i do? i don't wnt to lose myself over him. i want to keep my heads up without himbut how?help me.:(
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Now is a good time to step back and not worry so much about what he wants and how to keep him but about cultivating other hobbies and spiritual interests you may have. When a guy asks for space, he means it, he had to sit down and decide his life plan would be better with some space from you, you may interpret that however you wish. His priorities may not be your priorities so this is an opportune time to evaluate that by "fruits" not words.
-- By: wendy

n/a vernil 5/1/2013
i feel like girls bash males too much and most times after their experience with other guys they tend to think that all are the same. what you think is lacking there?
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Much to our regret we heard from a fernid who works at Bruce Power during a recent social meeting that the deal is done, dump will be build here and there is nothing we can do about it. The opinion amongst Bruce people is that there will be no harmful effects of the dump to our community, no stigma, no property value drop.That is the feeling of the younger money making generation.
-- By: John

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