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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Love and Lust smiles 7/28/2005
I believe it is possible to wait till marriage and that fornication is wrong. I work hard to have a relationship with God so I will please him but I just keep falling back down. I have a friend whom I used to date. We're best friends now and he's had a girlfriend for about a year now but....sometimes we get caught up and do things we shouldn't including almost having sex. I know it's horribly wrong and that he's being unfaithful but it's like we can't stay away from eachother. There's something about him that draws me to him; like the 2-3 hour long converstaions we have. I know we should stop but I'm just so confused. Do I love him or is it just lust, should I tell his g/f, should I stop talking to him? Please pray for me as well as reply. I really need help on this 1!
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Being a young person poses enough challenges and temptations. Dealing with these issues are never easy. But i truely believe that when you talk with God, He always leads you through those difficult times. Many of us have been in those situations and we all know the difference between wrong and right. But sometimes it's just easier to to the wrong things.
-- By: Ali

boyz Joy 3/13/2005
Be yourself u might want a boyfriend but don't make any guy u come across know.just be good u'll surely get ur part of the fun.
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Lol. i beg to differ.Don't just be good... Pay attention to your appearance...dress attractively but modestly. Work on your character...the inside counts too. =D Rawk on in Christ Sista!==Chaleinda==
-- By: ++Chalienda++

boyz Melinda 2/5/2005
What is the best way to find a good christian boyfriend. I'm kind of shy around guys until I get to know them. I really want a boyfriend. I'm 15 and I've never so much as had a boyfriend.
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Todays teens worry so much about having a bf/gf. Its like wanting to get hurt. Most teens who get in relashionships break up and get hurt. Im 15 and i have had crushes on guys(like everyone) I always pray to God to help me get over them because i know crushes can become idols. You can end up putting him above God by spending more time with him or thinking about him.
-- By: mirina

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