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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Medicine of faith? Ben 6/3/2013
I have a type of arthritis that makes my back stiff. It has also eaten away at the cartilage in my hip, which is my main problem with it. It can be pretty painful. I'm taking aleve every day, and have taken it for over 4 years. Recently, I found out that I should not run, jump, play sports, or do other high impact activity. At times, this can be very discouraging, because I used to love doing these things, and because my everyday mobility is sometimes made difficult or painful. So, here are my questions. Am I supposed to embrace this as a thorn in my flesh so God can make me strong through my weakness? I really don't see how being half lame and not being able to play sports fits in with a better plan that God has for me. At times, I feel as if God is wanting to hurt me, or is letting me be hurt. I don't see the purpose for it at all, and don't see how it can really have a purpose, or be the best thing for me. Also, I have heard that we should trust God a lot, and pretty
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I have never been afflicted by any physical injuries, but I have been afflicted with depression during my teenage years. At times I contemplated suicide. However, during my time of depression I began to reconnect my life with God and pray multiple times a day for spiritual guidance. Listen God allows things to happen in our life for a reason. It's a tragedy that you have arthritis, but I can assure you that God has a purpose for you.
-- By: Jason

Working on Sabbath 3 Synthia 9/13/2012
said I'd prefer to take the exam before sunset on Fridays. Surprisingly the teacher agreed for me to take the exam early. Take a stand for God and what you believe. Although I have to work this semester, I will make it a point to go to the supervisor and tell him or her face to face that I CANNOT and WILL NOT work on Sabbath! Thoughts? Any of you have a similar experience?
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We are so proud of you. Remember to always be firm but always kind and considerate as well for the welfare of those you witness to. "So don't throw away your confidence in what Christ has done for you, becouse your faithfulness to Him will be rewarded. But you need to keep on doing the will of God, then someday you'll receive what He has promised." Hebrews 10:35,36
-- By: wendy

Working on the Sabbath II Synthia 9/13/2012
I wondered if these people could read or not. But instead of speaking up, I walked away - there was a small voice whispering "You never kept the Sabbath before so why is this bothering you now?" I couldn't change anything as this was my schedule, I rationalized. That same day, I heard my one professors for my classes say that exams would be on Saturdays. I was like what? I emailed him about my TA schedule and he said he'd probably change it to Friday. Until the next week he said he would have it on Saturday after the TA schedule. Oh boy. I realized something - it was time to stand for God. Although I messed up with my teaching schdule I wouldn't so with my exams. School and work would NOT interfere with me and God time. I went up to my teacher in person and told him that I cannot take exams on SAturdays as I have a religious observation - Sabbath. He asked me if I could take it Friday evenings and I know Satan wanted me to say yes, but I shook my head and said I&

Working on the Sabbath Synthia 9/13/2012
Seems like a no brainer right? Don't work on the Sabbath means don't work, but you don't know what you will do until you are in a situation that forces you to do so. I was never the best Sabbath keeper. Sometimes I would go to church, sometimes I wouldn't, and sometimes I would do my own thing like it was just another day of the week. I never had work or class on Sabbath when I was in college so I never thought about the situation. When I got to graduate school, I decided that I should take the step adn actually observe what I said I actually believe, because I was sick of being a hyprocrite. I became a TA at my university and had to summit my class schedule so the higher ups could come up who I will teach. I specifically put on my schedule I couldn't work on Friday Sunset to Saturday Sunset as I have Sabbath. When I got my schelduel the next week I found out that I was working Wednesday and Saturday mornings for 4 hours each day. I was outraged! I wondered if t
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I think it is very humbling not to be able to do what you want when you want as much as you want. We used to be able to do that as chriledn and now I find each stage of life brings me new adjustments. And some of my illnesses like fibromylgia and degenerative disc disease have limited me before my time learning to accept the things you cannot change and listen to your body can be a hard lesson to learn at times but well worth it when you finally do.
-- By: Teresio

Marriage Shanny 4/5/2012
My name is Shanny and I am 20 years of age and my boyfriend is 25 years of age, we have been together for 3-4 years now, we are both Seventh-Day-Adventist christians and we are wondering if we should get married now, I am in my second to last year of University and he is already finished should we go forward with marriage now or should we wait a little longer to make sure that we are both prepared to spend our lives together. What would you advise us as a young couple?
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I say trust God pray and when he tells you its the right time go for it hun
-- By: Maggie

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