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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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n/a tryingtodowhatsright 4/14/2011
I'm not sure what to do but this week we've been having week of prayer and today the speaker called people up for a baptismal appeal and the thing is I felt something pull at my heart but I didn't go because I've already been baptized..and I know people can get rebaptized but I just couldn't go.. I mean what would my parents say..Is it wrong??? Should I have went?
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It sounds like God is calling you to a deeper spiritual walk. Look for ways to get involved in church and service, spend some time with God in devotions every day, and look for other people who need encouragement in life.
-- By: James

I just wanted to know…pt2 just interested 4/10/2010
no eating till you burst basically no indulgence and a whole lot of “don’t do this” and to add to that the judgement you get when you do that or just the judgement you get in general. I feel like our church likes to promote things for people who like the outdoors and stuff but what about us city kids. Who hate flies and everything else that goes with rural life. I hate nature walks I don’t see the beauty in a mountain, how do I enjoy Sabbath or am I just doomed to be bored for life. I like music but hymns aren’t my thing for the most part sorry fanny j crosby that’s just how it is. So do u guys think I’m doomed to be bored and should just suffer through till I hopefully get to heaven. PS: I don’t want to know the reasons why people say these things I’ve heard them before I just want to know what u think of them. I hope I make sense
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I'm not really sure what to make of certain "laws" sometimes either. I don't feel like keeping the Sabbath should be a chore, however is it a chore because we are so enveloped in sin that we can't see the true beauty of living the "Christian life"? Being a Christian isn't going to be easy in the end. My family has gone out to eat on the Sabbath at times.
-- By: n/a

I just wanted to know... just interested 4/10/2010
I just want to know people’s opinions on the following: do you guys really honestly feel like being a Christian is meant to be fun? I mean with the whole no dancing, think only holy thoughts (seriously what if I really hate that person or really like him. Its not like I’m doing anything and what’s so bad about discussing sport on the Sabbath you having a good time with family), dress like this, don’t buy on a Sabbath (what about a nice family lunch or a church lunch with the youth), no singing certain songs or watch certain things etc., vegetarians are holy, no swimming on a Sabbath (if I’m not getting paid to do it is it really work or fun?), no making fires while on camp if it’s the Sabbath (it’s dark and I’m cold don’t you think you being a bit unreasonable?), no eating till you burst basically no indulgence and a whole lot of “don’t do this” and to add to that the judgement you get when you do that or just the
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Aaron, you're doing a fantastic job jungligg a family plus doing everything else! I've been just having to worry about me this whole year but my fiance9 is coming in a week so I have to learn how to be even more productive! Can't neglect her or I'll be sleeping not the couch!That is a scary picture! Just for the fact that it looks like nothing but a long way down just one step back
-- By: Love

Marriage and Finance Vivi 2/8/2010
My fiance is a literature evangelist and we hope to pursue marriage in December. I am still in college in my last year and currently have a low paying job. His job does not bring in a stable income and I'm worried but he insists that he is working for God and that I should have more faith and that God will provide for us. I know he will but I still don't want to go into a financially unstable marriage. Am I right for worrying or is it just a lack of faith?
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the Lord will provide & yea its going to be extremely tough & it mite take long but He will test you to yer limits but with faith you will make it through
-- By: laura

Military Laura 9/16/2009
So...I wanna join the army. Maybe as a medic or something. Im not sure if I should or not. I know that killing is wrong but you can join the army without having to kill. Depends on where you are. Any advice?? Plzz coment!
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Yeah, if you want to go into a medical unit in the military but you're worried about picking up a gun, I think you should just go for that because you don't have to carry a weapon in the medical units. And I think that's great that you want to serve your country, though in a bit of a different way :) good luck!
-- By: Allison94

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