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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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Marriage considerations Licious 8/9/2009
It seem as though my topic was removed. My boyfriend and I have received many powerful signs and confirmation from God that we were meant to be together. However he hasn't revealed to us the time as to when we should make this step forward in our lives. What should be considered before we do this? I pray that God will send someone to help guide me in the plans he has our future.
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Being practical plays a big part in the question when to get married. It's best to decide not to get married until you both can support each other. This doesn't have to mean that you both finish college but it does mean that both of you should have the skills to make enough money to live on. Pre-marital counseling is always helpful and remember to keep the matter in prayer before God
-- By: Diane

building and names Nightwing 7/25/2009
Im asking only for opinions for the first question. Do you think Nightwing is a good name for me because i always use it on other websites. also, i play this online game called Roblox where you can build in 3d inviroments with virtual bricks sorta like legos, i would like to ask, is it okay to play a building game like this on the sabbath as long as you build something that points your mind to God.
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Choose whatever you find cool. Zylar was a name I made-up a few years back! (^-^) It is really hard (At least for me.) to keep your focus on God when playing videogames, even if it isn't evil, or creative such as your building game. God tells us that we are free to choose. Free to choose His way or our way. *BUT* everything that we do we will be accountable for before God.
-- By: Zylar

Fortune cookie maddness Dr. Thinker 7/25/2009
Hi im wondering about something. Apparently I had opened a Fortune cookie (which i love to do for fun cause those little buggers have some wise talk in them besides fortune and the lottery, of course on rare occasions) in the "little bugger" I found a saying I keep pondering about and keep it in my PSP case (which to me a psp is a mini version of a mini portable laptop since you can do a variety of stuff on it besides playing games, so enough of the technological worldly treasure and back to the more important issue) the saying said, "You are the architech of your own future..." Is this true? Is it ok to go your own way instead of God's plan for your life? I've been told that God slows you down in life (and I never liked the whole concept of slowing down except when it comes to aging even though im only twelve) Help please.
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It makes sense that you could be the "architect" of your life to a degree, as long as you build on the foundation of Jesus Christ
-- By: Allison94

very confused Jaque 7/25/2009
Hi people, im a guy so dont let the name confuse you. Im wondering, is it ok to publish a secular work of fiction even though your and Adventist. And is it ok to compete with others in the buissness of entertaining? And finaly, is it ok to watch Todays versions of anime (just want opinions on that question only).
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Well put, sir, well put. I'll ceriltnay make note of that.
-- By: Starr

sports and the sabbath annonymous 7/21/2009
i am a sopmore in high school and i play alot of sports. being sda i cant play on friday nights or saturdays. the football season is comming up and ive been going to practice all summer. the problem i am having is that all of the varsity games are on fri. night and the jv games are on sat. i really want to play football badly but i also want to keep the sabbath. i also run track and im pretty good. the coach said that sine i am so good at this age by the time i am a senior lots of universities will be looking to give me a full scolarship. i really dont know what to do. i have so many big opportunities to be suceesful in sports but they interfere with the sabbath. what should i do?
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i think if you just keep the sabbath everything will work out. i mean, if it's really God's plan for you to get a scholarship since you're so good, than he will work it out. and if that's not his plan, than just remember that his plan is even bigger and better!
-- By: justme

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