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Hello everyone! What are some of your favorite things to do on Sabbath? I like to watch nature shows, listen to music, and read! :)

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which choice of college? tristan 7/3/2009
I'm leaving for university next year, and I want to go to a university where they offer good academic programs but yet maintains a good moral code. I haven't really had good experiences with the normal SDA academies and kids, so I was thinking of going to BYU (a Mormon college). No, I dont have any intention of converting, but it's a good environment and the morals are really good. But I want to know if it's the right choice.
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What a joy to find sonmoee else who thinks this way.
-- By: Jace

Young Dating/Marriage BlueSalad 7/2/2009
What does everyone think about young preteens/teens dating and teens/young 20 year olds getting married? I personally believe that being in your teens or preteens is WAY too young to date. Because in my life and many other kids' lives we're supposed to be learning and preparing for adult hood and trying to figure out who we are as a person. It's too much to try to start a really deep relationship with a special someone. We take advantage of boyfriend/girlfriend stuff and do it because everyone else is. But, that's not fair. Again what do you think?
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Pure Genius Dave !I was meaning to ask you this in your last poascdt.Very effective stuff . Impressive Dave, are you running Sony Vegas on your Mac ?I just tried it yesterday on my 21.5 inch Imac underVM Ware .. Easier to run Vegas on a Mac thenunder my clunky HP computers You're my hero Dave Time for a Live Seminar sowe can all come out and meet youand thank you in person.
-- By: Tatiane

Hang out w/Jesus? (May 30 Staff 5/26/2009
If you’d been alive when Jesus came to earth, would you have hung out with Him? Why or why not?
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I believe that God would not want to die together with Him.This is my opinion.
-- By: George

Hollywood Kyle 4/2/2009
I have often been looked down upon by several people at my church because of what I want to do with my life. Hollywood is by far, the most influencial and darkest influences on the world, and my dream is to be a light in Hollywood and see if God can't work through me and start a revolution. I love show business and entertainment and I believe God has given me the gifts and motivation to make a change in Hollywood for the better. The reason I get rediculed about my passion is becasue when the elders think Hollywood, they immediately think oh he just wants self worth, fame and Glory and this tears me apart. My heart is right with God, I am right with God but why cant the see past what their skewed vision? I'm not letting it stop me from going out there. I'm strong in who I am, I'm a faithful servant of the Lord and I know he can work in me and help me leave a mark on Hollywood, but what do I do to convince these people I am not out of my mind?
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Well you have a good point there but i have to tell ya something, Hollywood is where movies are made and the whole concept of movies are stories put to motion pictures and stories are people's imagination shared with others. So really you can effect PART of Hollywood but not all because Hollywood is only a group of people that share their imaginations with the public.
-- By: Wana and Gonna be actor/writer/director

Sports??? On the Sabbath? Brandi 3/14/2009
Its so difficult doing the right thing sometimes. I have playing softball my whole high school career. Now that the season is here again, so it is time for decision making. My coach has been looking to put me and a couple of my friends on varsity. (We're on jv). Alot of it has to do with skill level (which I am working on and praying about). But she told us to keep our calendars open for varsity tournements. My friends aren't seventh-day adventist (I go to a public school) so they were cool. But the first thing that popped into my head was...Are they on Saturdays? Sure enough, she passses out the game schedules and both of them are. I know that if we dont permantately move up from jv, she will use us for certain varsity games and tournaments. But I feel that NOT being able to participate in the tournaments will hinder my chances. I know what I SHOULD do, but it's hard. I have prayed about it, and made a commitment in prayer. I need advice about handling my feelings. What sh
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One thing i have learned over the years is "No Compromise". The more we yield to temptations of this nature, thinking that its only going to be for one or 2 occaisions the more comfortable we get making other compromises. That is the danger of sin the more we play with it the more deep we get totally overpowered by it
-- By: Andrew

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