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Find out more about 2012's Ultimate Workout in Nicaragua.

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See snapshots from past Workouts along with the names of participants and a message center for sending a shout to your old compadres.

UW History

How did the Workout start? Here's the real story. More...

UW Links

The official site with the 411.

Maranatha Volunteers International
The organization that makes it all possible, providing funding and arranging the locations.

Involve Youth
Steve Case brings it all together with essential leadership and expertise.

Ultimate Workout

Ultimate Workout Picture
Learn more about how you can be a part of UW-24 in the Dominican Republic in 2014! Click Here

What's It All About

So you've heard about short-term mission trips. A bunch of people get together and travel to another place and perform community service. When the trip's sponsored by Maranatha, that always means the group is building something, usually a church or school. When the trip's sponsored by Maranatha, Piece of the Pie Ministries, and Insight magazine, and it brings people together from all over for two intense weeks, that's the Ultimate Workout.

What's the big idea?

It's simple. Invite Insight readers to test the limits of their spirituality on a two-week building expedition. Throw people together from all over North America and wherever else in the world they hear the call. Add generous elements of unpredictabity. Trust teens to lead. Pray for the Holy Spirit. Stir.

And what do we achieve in two weeks?
Here's the big three we build on:
  • A spiritually transforming experience for the participants. The Ultimate Workout is designed for teens who want to build their relationship with God. Everything else grows out of that commitment. With that in place you can count on fun, friendships, and a true sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.
  • A quality building for the local church. Congregations that have long dreamed and prayed for their own churches and schools will now have the structures they need to prosper.
  • Supplement the church's mission to reach others with the gospel. The Ultimate Workout helps local church groups reach others through Vacation Bible Schools, medical clinics, and other efforts.
What can I expect?

Expect hard work till your muscles are sore. Expect your body to take in water like a sponge. Expect hot sunshine, cold showers, and scrumptious food. Expect singing, sweating, and late-night conversations. Expect laughter, smiles, and a few tears when it's all over.

How can I max my spiritual experience?

Come with an open mind, ready to hear God speak to you. You'll have a chance to share about your spiritual life, and you'll find encouragement in other people's experiences and challenges. Let it be a stepping-stone in your spiritual life, rather than just a peak.

What about homesickness?
Sure, you may miss some of the comforts of home while you're serving on the Workout. What really gets to people, though, is how much they miss their experience and new friends when the two weeks are up.

Want more details? Visit one of the links above, or send an e-mail to: If you want to talk to a live person about the Ultimate Workout, call (916) 774-7700.

Special thanks to Tompaul Wheeler, a veteran of many Ultimate Workouts, who keeps these pages updated.

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